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a variety of Couch grass from Illawarra TurfCouch Varieties

We sell a variety of Couch grass – the following varieties are most suitable for the Illawarra and South Coast NSW.

Tiff Sport Couch

With low water requirements, Tiff Sport is an ideal grass variety for sports surfaces. This relatively new Couch is an environmentally friendly grass variety and is highly used.

Wintergreen Couch

This tough turf has a smooth, soft surface, but is hard-wearing. It’s a hybrid couch that was developed here in Australia and has high colour retention in winter. Thanks to its deep-rooted and dense network of fine stolons and rhizomes, it’s a tough turf  that has a low seed head formation if you mow it regularly.

Plateau Couch

If you need a shade tolerant grass variety that has low invasion characteristics, good wear and winter colour retention, then Plateau Couch is a safe bet. This hard-wearing couch variety was developed in Australia and has a diverse range of applications. It gets its name Plateau from the strong lateral growth of the grass and the less frequent mowing required to keep it in optimum shape. While Plateau can be used in a variety of environments, it is currently being used in a number of famous sporting facilities around Australia.

While Couch grass varieties thrive in most locations, it needs a lot of maintenance in order to take on a lush appearance, particularly when compared to other varieties.

Is Couch right for my project?

Take a look at the pros and cons listed below to help you make your decision or give us a call on 0438 568873 for some expert guidance.

Good Points

  • With the right maintenance Couch grass can last indefinitely.
  • Self repairing and hard wearing
  • Good colour during the summer months
  • Reduced watering requirements.

Bad Points

  • Poor colour over winter months due to frost and winter severity
  • Not keen on too much shade
  • Very high maintenance (a full time greenkeeper for large sized sites is recommended)
  • Invasive runners can take over gardens
  • Susceptible to high thatching and weed invasion.

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