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Fescue ideal for golf course roughs and other sporting areas.Fescue

Fescue is a cold climate grass, ideally suited to cooler regions, such as the Southern Highlands. However it can brown off in summer heat if not irrigated or maintained well. Often used for parks, golf course roughs and other areas as it’s recommended mowing height of 4omm limits its use in a domestic environment. It has a reasonable wear tolerance for a cool season grass, but other varieties such as Sir Walter area a better all round option.

This variety can be laid by seeding, however its hard to acheive a consistent coverage even in really well irrigated situations. Seeing can only really be attempted in mid-autumn if its going to have a chance of establishment.

Is Fescue right for my project?

Take a look at the pros and cons listed below to help you make your decision or give us a call on 0438 568873 for some expert guidance.

Its good points

  • Can achieve a soft green and lush appearance with proper irrigation, fertilising and regular maintenance
  • Can be a beautiful domestic lawn in the perfect environment.
  • Shade and frost tolerant
  • Non invasive

Its bad points

  • Not suitable for warm regions – will only suit a cool climate
  • Over time the lawn can thing and clumpy and will not self repair
  • Massively thirsty lawn variety that requires monitored irrigation to keep it in top condition
  • High maintenance lawn, especially in summer and prolonged warm periods
  • Is susceptible to insect and grub attack during summer

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