• Full Sun
  • Perfect for High Traffic Areas
  • Low Mowing

Couch Grass is by far one of the most popular lawns used in Australia, and has so been for a long time. Like almost every other lawn grass, extensive breeding has improved this lawn type considerably in the past decades to now give better colour, better drought tolerance, and better softness in these new variants.

Couch is a grass which loves full sun conditions, and will thrive and stay alive in hot conditions also, however Couch grass does not like shade. The shade tolerance of this lawn type is about 10%, which is about the same as Kikuyu, with Zoysia shade tolerance at about 40%, and Buffalo shade tolerance at 70% - for comparison.

Most couch lawns will continue to look good, with the lawn’s appearance improving with more work and lawn care. Couch lawns will require average lawn mowing, more often for the healthiest lawns, and less often for less healthy lawns. Thatch buildup should be properly removed when necessary by de-thatching, which is also known as vertimowing. Mow with a cylinder mower for a brilliant flat finish, or with a rotary mower.

Couch Varieties

Santa Ana Couch

Santa Ana Couch

A fine leaf texture which has a deep green colour. Santa Ana is best grown in full sun as it is intolerant to shady locations. Santa Ana is quite hard wearing so can be suitable for high traffic areas.

Cooler temperatures brings Couch into dormancy and may discolour due to frost. During establishment, frequent watering is required, but will become drought tolerant once established. This variety looks best when mown short, forming a soft, dense matt.

Santa Ana couch is ideal for Golf Courses and Parks.

Windsor Green Couch

Windsor Green Couch

Windsor Green Couch has a very fine leaf and dense growth, giving tough wearing ability to high traffic areas. This variety may discolour depending n frost frequency during the cooler months. The thick root structure makes Windsor Green Couch more resistant to weeds and disease. Best used on sporting fields, parks and Gold Courses.

If maintained regularly, Windsor Green Couch makes a soft, dense matt suitable for residential areas.

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