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Kikiuyu is a fast growing grass perfect for large sports fieldsKikuyu

Kikuyu is a warm season lawn variety and is mostly suitable for commercial use. It is a variety that grows vigorously during summer but remains dormant throughout the cooler seasons. It is a quick establishing variety and can grow really rapidly and invade garden beds and paths, so although kikuyu is used in many home environments it’s really ideally suited to large sports areas.

Is Kikuyu right for my project?

Take a look at the pros and cons listed below to help you make your decision or give us a call on 0438 568873 for some expert guidance.

It’s good points…

  • Hard wearing and fast growing
  • With careful maintenance can last a lifetime
  • Generally requires little water

Kikuyus Bad Points…

  • Poor colour over winter months
  • Doesn’t cope well in shady environments
  • High maintenance lawn that needs constant mowing throughout summer
  • Can invade garden beds and paths
  • Can suffer from lawn diseases such as Kikuyu Yellows and Brown Spot.
  • Popular with weeds!

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