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Lawn Care Tips: General Maintenance & Information

Mowing your Lawn

The first rule of thumb to keep in mind when mowing your Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf, is that mowing height matters! We know there’s no one mowing height that will work on all lawn types, we do know that … Read more

Watering your lawn

Initial Watering Remember when first laying Sir Walter turf, it must be watered immediately and kept moist until the roots take hold.You’ll know this has happened when your freshly layed Sir Walter grass becomes difficult to lift. Using Sir Turf … Read more

Summer Lawn Care

Summer is the height of the growing season and if you follow a good lawn care routine your summer lawn should be looking fantastic at this time of the year. Water Water is the key this season, during longer dryer … Read more

Sir Walter Lawn and Weed Resistance

Sir Walter Lawn and Weed Resistance If weeds do shoot through your Sir Walter turf, we recommend heavily fertilising, and then mowing twice in a 21 day period. This natural growth defense mechanism usually eradicates any weeds that might be … Read more

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