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Laying your new lawn

It’s ideal to get your turf delivered on the day you are going to lay it and have your ground preparation all done. Turf is usually cut in slabs and is cut fresh from the turf farm the day prior to delivery, if it’s not laid quickly it can dry out.

Illawarra Turf will deliver the turf as close as possible to the area where you are laying it.

Planning your lawn

If your lawn area is going to involve garden beds, paths and other structures, it’s always a good idea to draw a scale plan before starting work. Illawarra Turf can help you plan your new garden and even undertake some (if not all) of the work for you.

Setting out

Using string lines, marking paint and a builders square you’ll be setting out your new lawn area in no time. If you need help and advice on how to set out, we’ll be only too happy to help.

Soils & Soil Preparation

Make sure you prepare the soil where your new lawn will be laid. Remove all weeds and vegetation, taking extra care to remove all roots. If the area already contains old lawn or extensive weeds it’s a good idea to use a herbicide a few weeks before you lay your new lawn to make sure the area is weed free.

If you need any help preparing your area, Illawarra Turf can help we have all the equipment and machinery to do this quickly or we can advise you where to hire the necessary equipment if necessary for your project.

When you have cleared your area of weeds and vegetation, you’ll need to carry out a soil analysis to make sure your soil is in the best condition to help your new lawn establish. You can easily test your soil with a pH testing kit, you may have to use some soil additives or some launcher fertiliser to condition the soil prior to laying your new lawn.


With your weeds cleared and your soil at its optimum you’ll need to make sure the soil level is right. You’ll need to consider the final height of your lawn and how it will meet other surfaces such as paths and garden beds. You should also consider surface drainage for times of heavy rain. It’s not hard to achieve a level lawn if you create a good laying surface from the outset. Contact Illawarra Turf for help and advice on levelling your lawn area.

Laying your lawn

So your area is ready for the lawn.

Start laying the turf from the bottom of any sloped areas and always use full slabs around the edges. Always lay across the slope.

Stagger the joints so the lawn is laid in a brick work pattern. Staggering the joints avoids drying and soil erosion caused by heavy rain on sloping ground. This is particularly important on steeper slopes. Avoid gaps between the slabs as these can dry out and cause an uneven surface.

Don’t use small pieces of turf, these will dry out quickly. Be careful not to stretch the turf either. A sharp knife or hedging shears should be used when cutting turf.

As soon as the turf is laid start watering it in. When laying larger lawns, especially during hot weather start watering smaller areas as the rest is being laid. A sprinkler can help if you’re short handed.

Once in place and watered, use a lawn roller to ensure the root contact with the soil.




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